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To ensure your safety when using credit cards, this website requires the exact same information for those who book online and those check in. Identification papers proving they are the same person will need to be presented when checking in.

Once an online reservation has been confirmed, please cancel your reservation online and reserve again if you need to change the dates of your stay. You can also contact us to change the dates of your stay. Service number is (02) 8212-1100.

If you need to cancel your reservation once your online reservation has been confirmed, please cancel it online. We do not accept manual cancellations. Your deposit can be preserved and used within the next 3 months.

All prices online include taxes and service fees. 

The time for checking in is 15:00 and 12:00 for checking out.

If any events of force majeure occur on the day of your reservation at the location of the hotel, such as transportation suspension due to earthquake or land typhoon alarm announced by the Central Weather Bureau, please contact the room booking center 3 days (including the day of your scheduled stay) prior to your stay.

※Rules are as the following if you need to cancel or change your reservation※

This hotel follows the “Standard Contract between Tourist Hotels in Individual Tourists on Direct Room Reservation” stipulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication on August 6, 2013. For details on the standard contract, please refer to the official website of the of Consumer Protection Committee (URL:

※(Contract Amendment)

If the tourist demands amendment on date of stay, days of stay, type of room, or number of rooms after reservation, the tourist will not have to be charged with fares resulting due to the aforementioned amendment under the consent of the hotel.

※(Hotel Default Responsibility)

If the hotel cannot carry out the room reserving contract, it should notify the tourist immediately.

 ※(Default Responsibility Due to Reasons Accountable to Party B)

If default reasons are accountable to the hotel and result in the failure of carrying out the room reservation contract:

1. If the hotel has already received a deposit from the tourist, it should return the deposit in double. If the hotel purposely caused such occurrence, the tourist may demand further compensation 2 times the price of the deposit.

2. If the hotel has yet to receive the deposit, the tourist may demand compensation that is the price of the room price. If the hotel purposely caused such occurrence, the tourist may demand further compensation 3 times the price of the room price. 

If the tourist has proof that they have suffered other damage in addition to the aforementioned ones, they can demand compensation simultaneously.

If the tourist and the hotel have another agreement that favors the tourist, such compensation should abide by such agreement. 

※(If Reasons Cannot be Accountable to Either Party)

If due to events of force majeure or any other reasons that cannot be accountable to tourists or the hotel result in the hotel’s failure to carry out the contract, the hotel should return all paid deposits and other fees to the tourist without charging any interest. 

※(Authenticity of Advertisement)

The hotel should ensure the authenticity of its advertisements, and its obligation towards tourists should not be inferior to its advertisements.

※(Protection on Personal Information)

The hotel’s collection, processing, and utilization of the tourists’ personal information should abide by the Personal Information Protection Act and the hotel bears duty of confidentiality. Without the written consent of Party A, the hotel should not disclose such information or utilize it outside the range of the contract. The hotel bears the same responsibility after the contractual relationship has ended.

※(Notification on Confirming Reservation)

Both the tourist and hotel should confirm the tourist’s stay before 11:00 in advance.

※(Rights and Obligations of Both the Tourist and Hotel)

The hotel should ensure that during the tourist’s stay, the room is in a usable condition and the hotel is capable of providing services stipulated in the contract. If room equipment malfunction due to reasons other than the tourist, the latter shall immediately notify the hotel and demand a room change.

The tourist should be aware of and abide by the management rules of the hotel. When using all hotel equipment, tourist has to bear compensation responsibility if they purposely or negligently damage it.

※(Supplementary Specifications)

If there are other unmentioned issues in this contract, they should be settled according to the Civil Code, Consumer Protection Law, and other related legal regulations

※(Dispute Settlement)

For disputes regarding this contract, the tourist and hotel should refer to the laws of the Republic of China for settlement.

If law suits occur regarding this contract, both the tourist and hotel agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Xindian District Court for the first instance. However, the jurisdiction of courts regarding small claim cases mentioned in Article 47 of Consumer Protection Law and Article 436-9 of Code of Civil Procedure should not be excluded.

Xindian Bitan Lake Hotel|Notice