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Conference Hall

Conference Hall

It was designed based on Renaissance literature. With the Knights of Round Table of 【King Arthur】, a Renaissance masterpiece, as its topic, it's main visual base is golden and European patterns. They are coordinated with golden carved patterns, a large wall painting of the Knights of Round Table, and decorations such as armored knights to present the magnificence of this hall. It provides business guests with the largest and most comfortable conference space.

 ▪ The aforementioned fee only includes the space. Conference equipment must be rented separately. Discounts can be enjoyed if added with accommodation.

▪ When using the conference hall, besides having to bear the responsibility of maintaining order, please use the equipment inside the room properly. Compensation will be required accordingly if any of them are damaged.

▪ At least NT$200 per person for tea desserts.

▪ Conference project Chinese or Western meals can be provided. Please contact our staff.

▪ The aforementioned fee does not include a 10% of service fee, but includes business tax.


If you have any other questions, please contact +886 2 8212-1100。

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